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Versatile Sports Livestreaming on a Budget.
About Us

FlexPlex is a system born from two people's passion for IT and Cricket. Together, we've created FlexPlex which is a camera and live streaming system designed and built to work seemlessly alongside PCS Pro or independently for teams and clubs who don't always have a scorer or appropriate hardware. Livestreaming to social media sites should be cost-effective and inclusive, but has historically attracted significant costs. FlexPlex aims to redress that balance by providing entry level hardware, coupled with open-sourced components and software, making sports accessible to all.

The System

FlexPlex consists of one or more Internet Protocol ( IP ) cameras, connected to a low-cost multi-function computer, which provides multiplexing, branding and advertising. This computer transcodes the stream into an appropriate format to provide to either PCS or directly to Youtube. In addition, FlexPlex provides Internet capabilities to the segregated network, optionally allowing a pass-through connection for PCS.

Using FlexPlex

FlexPlex can be deployed alongside PCS-Pro in several ways:

PCS-Pro Only Mode

Using PCS-Pro to anchor the cameras and complete the connection to Youtube. PCS-Pro requires expensive hardware to perform this task.

PCS-Pro Offload Mode

Augmenting PCS-Pro, providing multiplexing and branding, offloading a single stream for PCS to forward to Youtube, reducing the burden on PCS-Pro hardware.

Standalone Mode

Completely independent of PCS-Pro. FlexPlex multiplexes camera streams, overlays branding and provides connectivity to Youtube.


Your club/site must provide:

  • 240v AC Power ( UK Three Pin BS 1363 ).
  • An Indoor Space for the equipment.
  • At least 5mbps always-on Upstream Internet Bandwidth*.
  • At least one person on-site to manage the stream & Youtube Channel.
  • You do NOT need ( for Standalone Mode ):

  • Any PCS-Pro Accounts, Affiliation, Hardware or Software.


    Enquiries: enquires@flexplex.co.uk
    Sales: sales@flexplex.co.uk
    Tech-Support: tech-support@flexplex.co.uk